Is Anjeer Good for Diabetic Patients? Dried Figs Increases GL

Anjeer For Diabetes

Anjeer is also known as figs. Figs come from the ficus family with the scientific name Ficus carica

Dried Anjeer and Fresh Figs are quite different from each in nutritional content.

Figs are only helpful for a diabetic patient if used correctly.

Figs or anjeer contain a rich amount of magnesium, selenium, copper, and a high content of fiber additionally high carbohydrates. So, adding anjeer to a diabetic meal is crucial. 

Is fig a fruit? Technically the fig is not a fruit but is rather an inflorescence, which means that, It is formed when multiple flower buds and plant sexual organs fuse.

“True” fruit is made up of a single plant ovum that comes from just one blossom. But it is acceptable outside of a botanist lab.

image showing fresh figs

Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load Of Figs or Anjeer

Glycemic Index is the number from 0-100 that calculates or give us an idea of how much carbohydrate is present in a food and glycemic load tells how fast the carb in a meal will be digested to increase or fluctuate the blood glucose level.

The glycemic index of figs is 51 which falls under the low Glycemic index category. The glycemic index of dried fig/anjeer is 61 for 60 grams of serving. But for dried fig, GI is a little high.

The glycemic load of 50 grams or one-fourth of a cup of chopped fresh fig is around 2. That is exceptionally low. And the glycemic load for dried fig is 16, which is comparatively high. In a cup of fresh figs, there are 148 calories, 38 carbs, and 32 grams of sugars. Which brings the glycemic load down to 16, a medium GL food is good in moderation. Anything over 20 is considered high.

Is Fresh Fig (Anjeer) Safe for Diabetic Patients?

The glycemic load of fresh figs is 2 for one-fourth or 50gm of chopped figs. Due to the low glycemic load, there is carbohydrate content in figs, which is 3.8grams. Carbohydrates play a crucial role in keeping the sugar level at a stable level.

Is anjeer good for diabetic patients?

For diabetic patients, fresh figs are good and safe. The carbohydrate must be kept in check on the quality and quantity of the per meal intake. Figs are a good source of calcium and help in maintaining blood pressure. The vitamin A present in figs helps in improving eyesight. A diabetic can enjoy figs but the consumption should be moderate.

Dried Fig For Diabetes

dried figs for diabetes

Dry figs are also a good choice for a diabetic patient. But dried figs are highly concentrated in all nutrition. So, is dried fig good for diabetes? Can diabetic patients eat dry anjeer? 

A diabetic patient can eat dried anjeer or fig but it should be in limited amounts. As the glycemic index for dry fig is in the medium GI range, it means the blood glucose level will increase rapidly. So, a person with diabetes must limit dried figs. 

Dried figs can be good and bad both for diabetes. If dried figs are not eaten in the correct way it can elevate the blood glucose level rapidly. These dried figs contain lots of carbs. To remove these carbs from the dried fig, take the dried anjeer and dip it into a bowl of water to remove all the carbs and sugar present in the dried fig. 

A normal patient, without diabetes, can drink the water but a diabetic patient should not consume the extracted water. While drying destroys some of the nutrients like vitamin C.

Anjeer contains a rich amount of fiber and vitamins, which is beneficial for diabetic patients if they want to lose weight also. More of that, a rich amount of vitamin would not be the best choice for diabetic patients if they have high blood pressure complaints.

How Many Dried Figs Can a Diabetic Patient Eat?

How many figs or dried figs a diabetic patient can eat? The actual amount of consumption should be moderate but can be told after the validation of blood glucose only. You can consult your physician about the number of figs you can eat per day. 

Dried fig sugar content is 71 grams in a 1 cup serving. However, a diabetic patient should not eat more than 2 or 3 dried figs per day, only after water-dipped processing to remove the sugar content from the anjeer. It’s better to opt for fresh figs as the carb content in fresh figs is low compared to dried figs.

The Bottom Line:

A diabetic patient can eat fresh figs or anjeer as the glycemic Index is low and also the glycemic load but it should be in moderate amount. Dried figs has comparatively high glycemic index and glycemic load. Dried figs should be eaten in limited amount or better consult your doctor to get the right amount of fig to eat per day.


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