Top 10 Best Almond Brands In India 2023 (May): Review & Buying Guide

There are many brands out there in the market, and it isn’t easy to choose which is the best almond and which almond brand to select according to your health condition. So, here we are going to tell you about the top 10 best almond brands in India

You can find different types of almonds, from mamra almonds to California almonds. 

The best thing about almonds is, it contains lots of nutrients. 

Here we’ll help you narrow down the choices to choose the best almond brand in India by reviewing and listing the most recommended to less that will benefit your health the most.

image showing best almond brands in India 2021

Top 10 Best Almond Brands In India 2021 List

S.NoBrandsRemarkCheck Price
1Solimo AlmondOverall bestCheck On Amazon
2Tulsi Almond Best for dieting personCheck On Amazon
3Happilo Almond Best for diabeticsCheck On Amazon
4Ziofit AlmondBest for gym personsCheck On Amazon
5Vedka Almonds For crispy & crunch loverCheck On Amazon
6Miltop AlmondBest for BP personCheck On Amazon
7SFT Almonds For heart and BP patientsCheck On Amazon
8Naturoz Almond Best as snacksCheck On Amazon
9Upcorp AlmondsPremium qualityCheck On Amazon
10Carnival Almonds Premium qualityCheck On Amazon

The Best Almond Brands in India:

Solimo Premium Almond (Overall best)

Solimo Premium Almond


  • Premium quality Almonds
  • Vacuum Packed to retain product freshness
  • Hygienically packed in facility meeting food safety standards
  • Allergy caution: Contains tree nuts
  • Packed in integrated nuts & dried fruits unit 

Solimo almonds is an amazon brand. Solimo comes first among the list of best almond brands in India. 

This brand is the #1 bestseller on Amazon with more than 12500 reviews and a 4.1-star rating; among them, 50 per cent rating is 5 stars.

You can trust this brand and the almond they provide. This brand is transparent with its product.

The first thing with this brand is, it’s a trusted brand from amazon itself.

It provides a premium and fresh quality of almond. It also claims hygiene maintenance and may contain occasional traces of other nuts & dried fruits.

Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container and preferably refrigerate after opening.

With that, solimo almonds follow food safety standards. 

This brand gives apparent caution for allergic people, which most brands don’t do that. 

So, If you are allergic to tree nuts, you should not take this product; otherwise, you’ll be at a loss.

Tulsi California Almond (Best for dieters)

Tulsi California Almond (Best for dieters)


  • 100% Best quality product 
  • From the house of Tulsi.
  • Most popular nuts sourced from the USA.
  • A favourite of dieters
  • Excellent source of energy-encouragers riboflavin, manganese, and copper.
  • Gluten-free and are a versatile
  • Keep it airtight & refrigerated for optimum freshness

Tulsi California almonds come 2nd in our list of top almonds brands in India. This brand has more than 5000 reviews and got a 4.2-star rating. 

Tulsi is an Indian brand and a trusted company on nuts. But the nuts are sourced from the USA.

A favorite of dieters, in recent years, almonds have become famous for their versatility and health benefits.

It is a delicious nut. If you love crispy things, then this nut is for you because it gives you the taste of crispy nuts.

You can have these almonds in breakfast and can be the best buddy as anything snacks. 

These almonds are rich in magnesium and vitamin E and also provide high-quality protein. 

Almonds are naturally gluten-free and are a versatile, nutrient-rich addition to gluten-free diets.

Tulsi provides you with premium nuts and the most healthy daily dose of healthy nuts and dry fruit.

The packaging is excellent and the finest of this product.

After getting the most acceptable package Keep it airtight & refrigerated for optimum freshness

Happilo Almonds(Best for diabetics)

image showing happilo californian almond


  • High protein,
  • No gluten, 
  • Zero trans fat, 
  • Zero cholesterol
  • Rich source of omega-3, 
  • antioxidants and vitamins
  • Hearts best friend,
  • Low glycemic Index – perfect choice for diabetics
  • Lowers BP
  • Maximum Shelf Life 12 Month

Happilo is the third-best almond brand on our list, with more than 4000 reviews and a 4.2-star rating.

The specialty of these almonds are high in protein, and they are gluten-free

Happilo comes under the top 10 best sellers on Amazon for selling almonds.

These almonds are a perfect choice for diabetic patients as this brand provides you with low glycemic index almonds. 

Also, provide dietary fiber and zero trans fat with zero cholesterol

If we talk about cholesterol, it’s not good for health for an average person, so this happilo brand is the best almond brand for diabetes

With that, lower your blood pressure and keep you healthy. 

Happilo almonds improve the cardiovascular system, also maintains healthy skin and improves memory.

The most valuable content of this product is, it contains omega-3 in rich amounts. 

Women need more omega-3 supplements, and these almonds are best for women also.

Ziofit California Almond(Best for Gymmer)

image shwoing Ziofit California Almond


  • The best replacement for junk food and snack
  • A high amount of protein, 
  • Help build and maintain muscle
  • The highest level of “good fat.”
  • Lower cholesterol levels. 
  • Low in carbs 
  • Boost energy 
  • Gym goers, athletes and joggers

Ziofit brand comes next in our best almond brands list. This brand’s specialty is that it makes products for the gymmers or for people who are dieting.

These almonds can be the best replacement for snacks and junk food. The high protein content gives you the feeling of fullness and builds up your muscles. 

Cholesterol is bad for a dieter, and this factor has been taken care of by the brand. Ziofit almond has the highest level of good fat.

Almond milk: this low-calorie milk is easy to make at home and great for a dairy-free diet

This brand got more than 2450 reviews and a 4.2-star rating. It also comes in #2 in selling almonds and #1 in selling dried dates. So, you can expect some good quality almonds from this brand.

These almonds’ specialty is high in protein, which is an excellent benefit for the gymmers or dieter; with no preservatives, it means there is no additional chemical.

But for freshness and to retain the taste and texture, the almonds are flushed in nitrogen. 

It’s natural, and these almonds are gluten-free.

As mentioned, this brand is excellent for gymmer and dieters and, but for a person who wants to control weight and to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, the Ziofit brand of almonds is an excellent choice for them.

Vedaka Almonds

image shwoing vedaka almonds


  • Crunchy, crispy and have a nutty flavour
  • Hygienically packed 
  • Meeting FSSAI food safety standards
  • Packed in a food-safe material
  • Quality Assured
  • Packed in integrated nuts & dried fruits unit 
  • May contain occasional traces of other nuts & dried fruits

Vedaka brand also comes under the top 10 list of the almond brand. Got more than 2000 reviews with a 4.2-star rating. 

If you love crispy and crunchy stuff, this brand almond is for you.

These almonds are hygienically packed and follow world safety standards.

Provides you with an airtight package to provide you with fresh and crunchy almonds.

These almonds are great to use in dishes and desserts like badam sheera. For wholesome flavor, you can add almonds in Mughlai cuisine, Peshawari paneer etc.

Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container and preferably refrigerate after opening

Miltop California Almond

image shwoing Miltop California Almond


  • Replacement Guaranty
  • California Origin
  • Free shipping anywhere in India
  • No artificial flavour, 
  • No Added Salt, 
  • Halal certified, 
  • Suitable for Vegetarians, 
  • No Preservatives

Miltop is an Indian brand from Gujarat and comes in the top 30 best sellers on Amazon’s selling almonds.

The best thing about this brand is, you don’t need any delivery charges; it ships you for free.

The speciality of these almonds are, there is no artificial flavour added, no added salt and halal certified, also suitable for vegetarians.

It can regulate and control blood pressure as this product don’t add any added salt. 

If we talk about the taste of these almonds, they are medium-sweet. 

Miltop also sells combo premium nuts, where you can get almonds, cashew, pista, and kishmish at a low price.

SFT Almonds California

SFT Almonds California


  • Procured directly from growers packed in a hygienic processing plant
  • From the land of Sunshine – California.
  • Curb down Hypertension
  • Maintain good Heart Health.
  • It helps to maintain or lose weight.
  • Make excellent Almond Milk, Desserts, Puddings and Trail Mixes

SFT brand is an Indian origin almonds brand. It’s situated in Uttar Pradesh. Got more than 1400+ reviews and a 4.4-star rating. 

It provides you with big size and medium size almonds. Whatever is good for you, you can order.

Besides, the speciality of these almonds is, there is no added preservative or any artificial colour.

SFT is a 22 years old company and provides premium almonds without compromising quality. SFT travels across the country to handpick the finest quality products and the best possible rates. 

SFT almonds can help increase your good monounsaturated fat levels, and almonds contain tons of great minerals too! Almonds have several essential health benefits, including the ability to protect heart health, thanks to the high concentration of beneficial monounsaturated fats. 

Maximum Shelf Life: 180 days

But sometimes people get lousy quality of almonds, like thoroughly dried, and some are brittle.

Naturoz California Almond

Naturoz California Almond


  • Bestseller product
  • sourced from California USA
  • Best quality Almonds
  • Delicious crispy taste, best as a snack
  • Healthy ready food to curb those hunger pangs
  • Best taken with morning cereal
  • Good source of energy-encouragers riboflavin, manganese and copper
  • gluten-free

Naturoz is also an Indian brand and comes under the top 10 list of best almond brands in India. 

This brand got more than 1000+ reviews with a 4.2 rating and in the #23 position in selling almonds.

These almonds are free from artificial colours and artificial flavour. 

The almonds are crispy, and if you love crisps, then these almonds are for you. 

It could be the best snacks and junk food replacement.

Provides an excellent source of riboflavin and manganese and copper. Riboflavin is a vitamin that helps in growth and maintains good health. 

According to the review section of the product, some deliveries are not good; also, the quality of the almonds was not upto the mark. But there are lots of satisfied purchases also. 

Storage information- Keep it cool and dry place.

Upcorp California Almonds

Upcorp California Almonds


  • Hygienically packed
  • Almonds are naturally gluten-free and are a versatile, nutrient-rich addition to gluten-free diets
  • Premium quality almonds
  • Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container and preferably refrigerate after opening
  • Premium California almonds
  • Net Weight: 1Kg

Upcopr provides you with premium quality almonds. Upcorp is an Indian brand from Delhi, got more than 1500+ reviews and a 4.2-star rating.

Also, it’s a top 10 brand in selling almonds on Amazon.

The specialty of this brand is, it’s dairy-free and safe for vegetarians. 

It provides you with a hygienically packed product for your better health and safety.

There is an allergen caution for these almonds. If you are allergic to tree nuts, it can harm you. So, don’t go for these almonds.

It provides you with gluten-free almonds and full-on nutrition.

Carnival Almonds

Carnival Almonds


  • Sophisticated Box Pack
  • Vacuum packed to retain freshness
  • Agricultural Produce of USA
  • Premium hand-selected quality

Carnival almonds are the last but not least almond brand in our top 10 list of best brand almonds in India 2021. 

This brand got 500+ reviews and a 3.9-star rating. Because of the freshness and quality of almonds, it came to the top 10 on our list. 

Also, the packing of this brand is relatively clean and hygienic with tight vacuum packing.

It provides you with natural almonds, which is the specialty of this Carnival brand. The almonds are not roasted. 

The best way to eat these almonds is to soak them in water, peel them, and then blend them.

Tips for maintenance

  • Keep it cool.
  • Keep in a dry place.
  • Keep in a closed container.
  • Constantly ideally refrigerate after opening the package.

Health Benefits of Almonds

Great Source of Vitamin E

One of the effective anti-oxidants as well as fat-soluble Vitamin, Vitamin E is rather vital for the body as it protects the cells from any complimentary radical damages.

If there is any damage occurring by smoking cigarettes, toxic waste, and even inadequate diet regimen, vitamin E can help with that.

Almond is the rich resource in the same, and that is the primary reason it secures any oxidative damage that might occur to your cell and hence [safeguards you from cancer cells or any chronic conditions.

Lessen Down Swelling

Almonds are abundant with healthy and balanced monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. It assists in dealing with the swelling level of the body.

There could be any reason for persistent inflammation occurring.

This generally occurs when the body starts considering that it remains in a consistent attack of some infection or microorganisms.

This can cause many wellness issues, and the primary reason for the very same is the poor diet regimen. If there is a high inflammation, it indicates you would certainly be risking your life, especially for heart diseases, high BP, and even arthritis issues.

Consuming almonds can minimize the oxidative stress present in the body, and therefore, it shields from any further damage taking place.

Reduce High Blood Pressure.

Among the primary reasons for heart attacks and also stroke is hypertension.

Almonds can be a lifesaving solution as people between the ages of 20 and 70 were not able to boost the flow of the blood in arteries and, hence, decrease the systolic high blood pressure.

From reliable results, it is believed that eating 50g of almonds daily can be extremely useful.

Safeguards towards Cognitive Decline and Neurological Disorders

As per the research studies, supplements with Vitamin E can shield the cognitive decrease or perhaps minimize down if needed.

As per the professionals, Almonds serve approximately 17% of the regular riboflavin that benefits in the neuroprotective advantages for the body.

Almonds safeguards you from neurological disorders like Parkinson’s.

Decrease down the Threat of Cancer cells.

According to the research, it has been mentioned that individuals who have been eating a high quantity of almonds have less danger of breast cancer than those who make it through on some arbitrary snacks.

It also reduces the stress and anxiety of and also prostate cancer and oxidative anxiety.

Better Cholesterol management.

There is no doubt the level of cholesterol among the age 30-50 is quite high and dangerous in today’s way of living. Almonds are naturally low in cholesterol, which will help you to maintain the cholesterol level in your body.

Almonds contain good fat. If you eat almonds often, it increases the high-density lipoproteins and makes sure that low-density lipoproteins are lessening. Preferably, it is low-density lipoproteins that put you in a danger for heart concerns.

What Are the Best Means to Consume Almonds?

Now that you are aware of the various benefits of almonds, you could wish to know whether consuming peeled off almonds is much better to consume or with the peel. 

Typically, people eat peeled almonds after saturating them either in milk or water.

The fact is eating almonds with their skin is advised since it promotes a lot more wellness benefits. 

The almonds peel comes with polyphenols that include fiber in an excellent quantity. 

If you eat this crispy nut in baked format, it will boost the dietary value. If you await it in the saturating water, it is fine.

Preferably, you can consume almonds in whichever means you like. It is in any case, rich with nutrients. 

Only with even more or fewer nutrients will undoubtedly go in your body as you decide whether to peel it off or otherwise. 

However, one of the essential things before deciding the means is to be sure regarding the quality of the almonds you are eating. Just a handful of almonds ought to be taken in often to see its practical outcome.

Almond Negative effects to be thought about.

There is no doubt that Almond is an excellent resource of nutrients that many people generally consume as a healthy resource as well.

It is rich in healthy protein, dietary fibers and vitamin E also.

You need to understand that anything that you consume in the variety is healthy and balanced; otherwise if overeating anything will certainly continuously create a problem.

To overcome the harmful effect of almonds is not demanding, yet it is well stated that preventative measure is constantly far better than cure.

Some of the issues with overeating almonds are,

  • Food digestion Issues.
  • Vitamin E overdose.
  • Weight gain.
  • Anxiousness.
  • Body Toxicity.

Buying Guide for Almond Brands.

Almonds include many health and wellness and diet plan benefits; this is why they are rich in food or superfood.

Whether you intend to make use of almonds as a meal or as a supplement to a dish, there are numerous brand names of almonds around and selecting one might be difficult, especially if you’re new to the almond-buying club or you just can not discover the brand you were utilized to.

Various brand names indicate different flavours, different dimensions, as well as other preferences.

That’s why we have listed out what you must consider before picking what brand of almond to purchase.

Taste and Feature:

Almonds may come dried, salted, spiced as well as baked, or they might come raw. Before you go acquiring almonds, you must already have in mind what you want to utilize them for.

If you’re not opposed to some seasoning in your almonds just for straight-out-the-bag intake, you could wish to make sure this becomes part of your options.

Nevertheless, spiced nuts might not exactly blend right into making excellent shakes, and also this is where the crux of choice lies.

Try to anticipate what taste would undoubtedly provide your desired result. Raw almonds offer you convenience because you can spice them on your own and have much better control over the nutrient components and the flavour.

Please take a look at the ingredients to understand exactly what the supplier utilized to protect or spice it.

You do not wish to acquire something you dislike. Once again, the initial question is, what do I want to use them for?

Expiration and also Long life:

Just like any food, it is essential to make sure that what you’re purchasing isn’t jeopardized in terms of top quality and also the packaging.

Take your time to examine whether the seal or bag is broken then proceed to check if what you’re getting is run out.

If this seal is broken, you know you have to return it and obtain another sealed one. Unlike a few other nuts, almonds are really sturdy and can last a while before they spoil.

This should not quit you from doing a check due to the fact that they still contain oils that can end.

Dimension and Weight:

Some brands have nuts evenly sized, and also a few other brands have both big and tiny sizes in the very same bag.

Unevenly sized almonds can screw your plan. Better replace it. For infants small-sized almonds can be difficult to eat, it might get stuck in the throat.

Almonds are one of the most expensive nuts around the world after Almonds are really among the lot more expensive nuts around the world after macadamia nuts and also yearn nuts. This is why we recommend you do not buy just feasible.

Nuts can easily be bought. The shelf time is more, approximately 12 to 18 month, so try to buy in large amounts but only the good quality almonds.

Some 500grams to 1 Kilogram would be best. You can start from 200-250 grams of almonds packs just to know the quality of the almonds.

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