How to Reduce Breast Size Through Yoga? 10 Yogasana For Quick Result

image showing how to reduce breast size through yoga

Breasts are located on the upper ventral region of the torso of the primates. Breasts are developed both for females and males from the embryonic cells.

In females, the breast serves as a mammary gland that produces milk. Normally, female breasts are larger than in comparison to males.

While females produce a large amount of estrogen, males produce a lower amount of estrogens and a large amount of testosterone which suppresses the effects of developing breasts in a male.

Breast size and shape vary from one person to another. There are a variety of shapes of breasts in this world. While the shapes don’t matter much, the sizes do.

Do You Need to Reduce Your Breast Size?

Due to hormonal changes and also, in some cases, internal problems, there may be some disorientation in the breast size. It is not necessary for you to reduce your breast size, but one must pay close attention to disorientation and pain in the chest area.

You may consider a reduction in breast size if:

  • Feeling self-conscious about your breast size.
  • Unequal size of breasts and one side comparatively larger.
  • When the posture gets affected by your breast weight.
  • Discomfort due to rashes underneath the breast

But it should always be your personal choice, and it depends on your comfort.

Can Yoga Help to Tone Your Breasts?

Yoga is a powerful tool used by many individuals to shape their breasts accordingly. As yoga can be a beautiful synchronization of breathing and stretching, it will help us get your desired size. 

To those wondering ways to reduce breast size, it’s important to follow regular exercise and consume a low-fat diet.

Now, let’s see how to reduce breast size through yoga? and what are the poses and yogasanas you can try to get a comfortable breast size as you desire.

Yoga Poses to Reduce Breast Size

Here are some poses that will help you reduce your breast size:


Image showing all poses of Surya namaskar
Image showing all poses of surya namaskar, starting from the top.

This yoga asana is famous for toning the whole body. It has a combination of 12 different asanas. With the perfect fusion of breathing and correct posture, this yoga asana will help tone our breasts and ton our bodies. It is also regarded as an effective yoga asana. It should not be performed by pregnant women or people with high blood pressure or hernia.


image showing Bridge pose

This yoga asana prevents the sagging of the breasts as it helps to reduce the fat. It tends to expand the chest and tighten our pectoral muscles. One has to be careful while doing this asana as an incorrect positioning may lead to ache.


Image showing ARDHA CHAKRASANA or half wheel pose

Ardha Chakrasana is Also known as the “Half Moon Pose” or half wheel pose. It provides the upper body a nice stretch. It also tones to help the upper torso, the arms, and the muscle. This yoga asana requires balance. It generally burns the fat around the chest area.


Image showing wall pressing pose or wall pushups

One of the most effective yoga asanas to reduce breast size is wall press. It usually provides pressure on the pectoral muscles, which leads to the burning of those extra fats near the breast and the armpits. This yoga asana is rather easy to perform and, if performed with regularity, will help in the size reduction.


Image showing prayer pose

Prayer pose is one of the simplest yoga asanas to perform. This yoga asana is done sitting on the ground simply by pressing both hands or palms against each other. This will be a slow process but will help in the reduction of the breast size eventually.


image showing bow pose or dhanurasana

Bow pose is also known as “Dhanurasana.” Bow pose is a back-bending asana. It stretches the entire front part of the body and helps in the reduction of breast size safely and also comparatively faster. This yoga asana should be strictly prohibited by people who are having problems with the spinal cord and disc.


warrior poses How to Reduce Breast Size Through Yoga? 10 Yogasana For Quick Result
Image showing all poses of warrior pose, starting from top right

The warrior pose, also known as “Virabhadrasana,” that energies the whole body. This yoga asana will help to strengthen our arms, thigh, and legs. It usually tones the breast region and hence reduces the size of the breasts when done regularly.


image showing the tree pose

The tree pose, also known as “Vrikasana,” helps to firm the loose muscle in the breasts and bring them back in perfect shape. This yoga asana is done by standing upright and raising one leg till it touches the knee. This pose helps to get us a better balance.


image showing toe to hand pose or Padangusthasana

Also known as “Padangusthasana,” it is a challenging pose that needs a good balance. This yoga asana will come to perfection with time and eventually will help to reduce the breast size.


image showing chakrasana aka wheel pose

The wheel pose is also known as “Chakrasana.” It gently stretches our thorax, spinal area, and neck and thus provides great flexibility to our spine. It burns down the excess fat in our chest region and thus helps to tone our breasts. It also helps to relieve fatigue and cures headaches.

The Bottom Line:

One should always love their body and respect it. No one should ever mention what a perfect shape should look like. The human body undergoes several hormonal changes. Due to the hormonal changes, there may sometimes be enlargement in the breast. And one must carefully observe these changes as sometimes these may lead to serious conditions.

But the choice of whether to shape your body should always be respected. If you feel uncomfortable with the size of their breast, you can always look up to these yoga exercises if you want to reduce the breast size and tone your body. 

Do Consult Your Doctor Before Practicing the Yoga Asanas.


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