5 Proven Acupressure Points For Diabetes [Reduce Diabetes]

Are acupressure points helpful for diabetics? Yes it is. We’ve listed 5 proven acupressure points for diabetes which will help in reducing blood glucose level in a diabetic person. Though they can’t replace your medication but they can help in controlling your diabetes.

5 Proven Acupressure Points For Diabetes

Natural remedies like acupressure can’t replace your diabetes medicines. Still, they could help improve your blood glucose control when used along with the drugs and medications prescribed by your health care provider.

The signs for many kinds of natural or alternative remedies is anecdotal. Still, it does not mean that they do not work in any way, at least for a few people. In the minimum, it can not hurt to try acupressure and the way it makes you feel.

Below, we have included five of the most well-known acupressure points for assisting diabetes control. Let us know if some of them work for you!

Acupressure Points For Diabetes

Hand (Intenstine Point):

The first acpressure point for diabetes is Intestine point. The joint between your thumb and first finger also called the intestine point or the hand valley point.

The fleshy part of your palm that drops between your index finger and the thumb. There you can find that acupressure point.

Hold this point using the index finger and thumb of some other hand for as long as five minutes and then repeat on the opposite hand.

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This acupressure point might assist in digestion and weight loss, which may make diabetes management a lot simpler.

Applying pressure to this point can also alleviate stress, energize, decrease hassle and eliminate excess heat from the body.

This point controls warmth within the body and relieves problems of the intestine. 

Intestine Point Video For Diabetes:

Wrist (Stress Relief Point):

We’ve listed wrist point as the 2nd acupressure point for diabetes. This acupressure point referred to as the stress relief point essentially lies near the wrist.

You can find this pressure point at the facet of the wrist in which the small finger of the hand is located.

The right side of the wrist onto the left hand and the left side of your wrist onto your right hand are really where this point lies.

Very closely on the heart, this point assists in controlling stress in the heart. Massage this point daily for 5 minutes to have a stress free heart that can influence your diabetes and may contribute to an easier time losing weight.

Stress Relief Point Video For Diabetes:

Feet (Liver Point):

Our 4th on the list of acupressure points for diabetes is Liver point. The joint between the buttocks and the next-door toe is a critical small pressure point called the liver point.

Liver point will help cure insomnia, diabetes, hypertension, stress, and depression, in addition to liver problems. 

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The front of the foot determines this acupressure point, a bit before your biggest toe and the next toe. 

There’s a linking point of the two toes-measure two cms below that point.

You have to manage the acupressure point for 3-5 minutes daily in a counterclockwise circle for maximum benefits. We’ll suggest you not to do this exercise when you are tired.

Liver Point Video For Diabetes:

Near The Calf Of Your Leg (Spleen Point):

The spleen point is situated right behind the shinbone, marginally above the foot on the inside of the leg. It can assist the purpose of the spleen, which may help with overall health and function and assists in treating diabetes.

The recommended time of putting pressure is 3-minutes and do it daily. This acupressure point is joined to the urinary tract, which aids clearing impurities within the body.

Problems regarding extra urination and many others are typical with diabetic individuals can be solved with this acupressure point. Applying pressure on this point for approximately three to five minutes will assist in reducing such problems.

Spleen Point Video For Diabetes:

Knee (Urinary Point)

The knees are maybe one of the shocking places to locate pressure points. However, there are acupressure points about both fronts, and the backs of the knees.

This urinanry point will help in digestion, help with weight loss, and protect against early ageing.

Knees are too closely linked to the digestive tract as a whole. Diabetes can be controlled to a large extent when the digestive system operates correctly.

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Massage both your knees with your fingers in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction for 5 minutes daily to aid your body cut down stomach and digestion problems.

Specifically, you can massage the region about two centimetres under your knee (called the arthritis point) or push the part right behind the kneecap (the sinus point). 

Urinary Point Video For Diabetes:

Bottom line:

These acupressure points for diabetes has to be practised carefully and always for the best outcomes. These aim at a few of the very closely related problems to diabetes when you treat heart problems, and the illness mechanically becomes simple to take care of. Eat healthier.

Have a wholesome way of life and exercise these acupressure ideas to remove any ailments inside the body.

The most critical issue is that Acupressure treatment shouldn’t replace other therapies recommended by your physician, particularly if you’re taking insulin or other prescription drugs.

In case you’ve got medical questions or wish to understand more about complementary treatments for diabetes, please speak with your physician.

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