Is Fried Rice Healthy? Nutritional Benefits of Different Cooked Recipes

Fried rice is a cooked form of rice that adds vegetables, eggs, and other ingredients to make it more flavourful. Fried rice is made by cooking the rice in a pan with oil to improve the crispiness and surface area of the meal. While we commonly associate fried rice with China, fried rice dishes are available in a variety of nations. Especially, in Asia, rice also is the top choice when it comes to grain. Fried rice dishes are widespread as street food in various parts of Asian countries. This popularity also continues to travel to the West, which tends to take out the incredible dishes in America.

But when you hear adding oil to cook fried rice, you start wondering, is fried rice healthy? What are the nutritional benefits? Here’s an article that will help you make an informed decision on whether to consume fried rice, the nutritional benefits of various cooked recipes and what serving quantity is appropriate.

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Nutritional Benefits of Fried Rice

Fried rice is said to be a popular dish among many people. Many different types of meals are often consumed in the morning or afternoon. Fried rice, on the other hand, maybe eaten at any time of the day. You just need a few ingredients to come up with the most exciting dish of fried rice at your place. 

Fried rice is not only delicious, but it is also good for your health. It provides a variety of nutrients that are quite beneficial to your health. They are high in nutrients such as carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A and C, and a variety of others. Because all of these nutrients are present, there is no doubt that it is a good and nutritious diet that you may consume. You may prepare it at home or order it from your favorite restaurant.

There are several recipes for fried rice and each of them has more or less the same cooking process with slightly different ingredients. Whether this fried rice is healthy, we have discussed in each section.

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Nutritional benefits of Chinese fried rice without meat, vegetable fried rice, chicken fried rice, Asian naturals shrimp fried rice. Data adapted from MYFOODDATA

Is Vegetable Fried Rice Healthy?

Fried rice comprises sliced veggies, which are rich sources of fiber, Vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. They are the essential nutrients that help in the healthy functioning of the body. The addition of veggies to your fried rice would not spoil its taste, rather, it would make it more delicious. Due to this, there’s no doubt that vegetable fried rice is healthy for people who love to order it or make it for themselves. So, if you are still imagining that is fried rice healthy even if we add veggies to it, the answer is absolute yes. 

Is Brown Fried Rice Healthy?

Most fried rice dish preparations by restaurants prioritize white rice over brown rice, but if you are someone who would like to switch to a slightly better version of healthy fried rice, go for brown rice instead. Though the calories in both of them are comparable, brown rice has more fiber in it. This will help your hunger fill quickly and keep you from eating too much at once, which is unhealthy for you. It also increases the number of vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Is Fried Rice Healthy for Weight Loss?

Normally, fried white rice would not assist you much in losing weight, especially the one with soy sauce that has added calories in it. However, if you are eating a dish that has a decent amount of fillings and veggies with a perfect amount of oil in it, then your meal will only range up to a few calories. This healthy fried rice would be ideal for weight loss and diets that are concerned about calories. Also, fried rice when cooked properly is:  

  • Magnificent and flavourful
  • Rich in nutrients and low in calories.
  • Packed with proteins. 
  • Less fat when you use minimal sesame oil. 
  • Low levels of sodium. 
  • Keep your appetite full of fewer calories.

Enjoying Chicken Fried Rice

Is chicken fried rice healthy? It’s healthy if cooked properly. Fried rice Is not bad for you when you load it up with veggies and added stuff. What else you can do is use brown rice instead of white rice and limit the amount of sugar you add and also fry it using limited oil. The same goes for chicken fried rice. It’s easy to make and healthy at the same time. You can add some veggies even when you make chicken fried rice. This makes it a versatile dish. You can toss in whatever extra veggies you have at home. And the preparation is also quick. You would be prepared with an immense healthy and tasty dish within 30 minutes. You can also leave some food for subsequent consumption. So, it’s a fantastic leftover. 

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Health Benefits of Fried Rice

If you still are in a dilemma about the healthiness of fried rice, here are some health benefits you should read about fried rice. If the vegetables are fried healthily, it would turn out to be the healthiest dish you can consume. The health benefits of fried rice are as follows: 

Contains Powerful Antioxidants:

As mentioned earlier, fried rice is made not only with rice but with many extra added veggies. Many types of vegetables like carrots and capsicum are used in their preparation, which have an adequate amount of antioxidants in them and helps the body fight many harmful pathogens. So, they contain antioxidants that help in boosting immunity. 

Muscle Formation:

Fried rice is a great diet to consume when it comes to muscle formation. Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates in it which makes it beneficial for weight gain in children and adults. 

Maintains Healthy Skin: 

Consuming fried rice helps you maintain healthy skin. This is because fried rice contains Vitamin C which helps to make your skin healthier.

Good for Bones:

Simultaneously, it also contains the proper amount of calcium which is beneficial for the healthy maintenance of your bones. 

Energy Source:

The combination of calories and carbs in fried rice helps to decrease the consumer’s blood pressure. This is due to the fact that it is a useful energy source that aids in blood pressure reduction.

Good for Eye Health:

Vitamin A, which is included in fried rice, also aids in the proper maintenance of your eyes. It is beneficial for the wellness of your eyesight.

The Bottom Line

On average, you consume 261 calories or more when you eat one bowl of vegetable fried rice. This means that you have eventually consumed a large number of calories. Fried rice indeed contains a lot of healthy nutrients that help you in strengthening bones, and eye health and help maintain healthy skin as well. But at the same time, it also contains a fixed amount of fats and carbs. So people suffering from diabetes and blood pressure problems should try to avoid this. Also, they choose to switch to some healthy alternatives. So, is fried rice healthy and beneficial for you? The answer depends on various factors and so is your decision, so you must consider all the factors before you come to any conclusion regarding the same.  you must consider all the factors properly and consult your physician for a better suggestion on the consumption quantity.


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