Top 10 Best Probiotics in India 2023 (May): Reviews & Buying Guide, Health Benefits

It is tough to get the best probiotics in India, much alone acceptable ones. There are several firms that sell almost identical things, and it might be difficult to tell them apart. Furthermore, when it comes to your health, you would not want to invest in something without first completing a comprehensive examination. That’s where our dedicated healthcare team comes in with this fantastic advise and curated list of India’s greatest probiotics. We’ve done all of the legwork and research, so all you have to do now is pick one depending on your interests.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotic bacteria reside in the intestines and aid with digestion, absorption, and immunity. Probiotics are just good gut microorganisms. Not all bacteria cause illness or are toxic. Numerous bacteria occur on our skin and inside our bodies, including some that are beneficial to our health.

Enzymes produced by probiotic bacteria help in the breakdown and digestion of the food we ingest. As a consequence, digestion improves, and stomach-related ailments and discomforts such as antibiotic-associated diarrhea, constipation, IBD, and IBS are avoided.

The Need for Probiotic Supplements

When you schedule a probiotic (or your doctor suggests it), it’s typically because you have a digestion problem or want to enhance your immune system. These probiotic supplements are designed to provide a concentrated dose of live cultures and bacteria that can improve digestion and promote a variety of health advantages. If you have digestive issues, the food you consume will not be digested and absorbed properly. As a result, your body will lack important elements such as proteins. In this circumstance, probiotic supplements can assist you to improve your digestion. As a result, keeping a probiotic tablet on hand is a smart idea.

Image showing Useful and harmful bacteria for human health
Figure showing good and harmful bacteria in the gut

Let’s have a look at the top probiotic drinks/capsules in India now.

List of Top 10 Best Probiotics in India 2021

ProductsBuy/Check Price
1. Carbamide Forte Probiotics Supplement 30 Billion CFUAmazon
2. Dr. Formulated Probiotics for Men 50 Billion CFUAmazon
3. Now Foods Probiotic-10 (25 Billion)Amazon
4. Carbamide Forte Probiotics Supplement 2.75 BillionAmazon
5. HealthKart HK Vitals Pre & ProbioticsAmazon
6. Neuherbs Daily Probiotics With PrebioticAmazon
7. Swisse Ultibiotic Probiotic SupplementAmazon
8. HealthAid Acidophilus PlusAmazon
9. WOW Probiotics 20 Billion CFUAmazon
10. Boldfit Pro-Biotics 30 Billion CFUAmazon

Reviews of Top 10 Best Probiotics in India

1. Carbamide Forte Probiotics Supplement 30 Billion CFU

Carbamide Forte Probiotics Supplement 30 Billion


Why on This List?

  • 30 Billion Spores in Single Capsule
  • 16 probiotic strains
  • Effective for digestion
  • Enhance your immune system and gut health
  • Enriched with energy, protein, carbs, and more
  • Vegetarian product

Carbamide Forte Probiotics is the best probiotic in India, according to our ranking. It’s a post-workout supplement in capsule form that’s devoid of soy, gluten, MSG, and trans fat. Carbamide Forte Probiotics Supplement 30 Billion CFU may be the best option for you. You may now get rid of your unpleasant digestive issues by using these probiotic tablets from Carbamide Forte.

Each capsule in this little container has 0.20g carbohydrates, 0.59g fat, 0.03g protein, and 6.82Kcal of energy, which may assist your gut bacteria and digestive system. This health supplement tablet includes 30 billion colony-forming units (CFU) and 16 carefully chosen probiotic strains to improve gut health, immunity, and digestion. This vegetarian supplement might assist with gas and stomach acid issues.

2. Dr. Formulated Probiotics for Men 50 Billion CFU

Garden of Life Probiotic and Mood Supplement - Dr. Formulated


Why on This List?

  • Specially designed to improve the digestive and immune system
  • Backed with 50 billion CFU per serving
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free product
  • NSF-certified health supplement pills
  • 100% vegetarian
  • No artificial colors, fillers, or flavors

Do you want the best healthcare medicine to increase your immunity, nutrition absorption, and digestive system? If this is the case, you could experiment with Dr. Formulated Probiotics for Men to see how well they function in your everyday life. This probiotic tablet includes 50 billion CFU. The NSF Certified health supplement for men contains a probiotic blend of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria strains. Furthermore, it aids in the improvement of digestive health.

It improves men’s gastrointestinal health by boosting immunity and strengthening the digestive system. These capsules were created with no artificial colours, flavours, or fillers. Formulated Probiotics pills are devoid of gluten, soy, and dairy. It is a product that is ideal for vegetarians and vegans. These non-GMO health supplement capsules are NSF-certified and do not need to be refrigerated. The tablets are backed up by 15 Probiotic Strains, which help to reduce occasional gas difficulties.

3. Now Foods Probiotic-10 (25 Billion)

Now Foods Vegetarian Probiotic Capsules Probiotic


Why on This List?

  • An effective product to boost your digestive system and gut health
  • A gluten-free
  • Vegan solution
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Loaded with 25 Billion CFU
  • Backed with 10 probiotic strains

Now Foods Probiotic-10 (25 Billion) may be the finest probiotic supplement for you if you want to increase your immunity, digestive system, and gut health. On our list, Food probiotic is the third-best probiotic in India. The unique healthcare vegetarian supplement from Now Foods has 25 billion CFU and 10 probiotic strains to help you attain the healthiest digestive and immune system possible. To gain the best benefits, take one capsule twice a day, either on an empty stomach or between meals.

These gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, vegan, and dairy-free probiotic pills are produced completely from vegetarian ingredients. The pills come in a little plastic bottle container with 50 capsules. It is strongly urged that you keep this supplement out of the reach of your children. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should see your doctor before using it.

4. Carbamide Forte Probiotics Supplement 2.75 Billion

Carbamide Forte Probiotics Supplement 2.75 Billion


Why on This List?

  • Improves the immunity system
  • Boost your digestive system
  • No trans fat, gluten, soy, or MSG
  • A suitable product for vegetarian people
  • Helpful to get rid of gas pain and acidity
  • Contains 2.75 Billion probiotics per serving

Carbamide Forte Probiotics Supplement is a potent immunological probiotics tablet that contains 2.75 billion CFU from four strains. This Carbamide Forte Probiotics Supplement contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Longum, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, and other probiotics that assist to boost your immunity and digestive system by up to 70%. These teeny-tiny tablets can also relieve gas discomfort and acidity. This probiotic dietary supplement has been manufactured without the use of trans fat, soy, gluten, or MSG. Use this vegetarian supplement after your workout for the best effects. This Carbamide Forte health supplement contains 2.75 billion CFU as well as 100 milligrams of prebiotics.

5. HealthKart HK Vitals Pre & Probiotics

HealthKart HK Vitals Pre & Probiotics, Probiotic Supplement for Men and Women


Why on This List?

  • 60 probiotic
  • Vegetarian capsules
  • Loaded with 30 billion CFU
  • Boosts immunity
  • Balances pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines
  • Keeps the gut flora intact
  • Enhances the overall health
  • Clinically studied and well-researched
  • Each strain contains 2.148 billion CFU per capsule

According to our ranking, the Healthkart Probiotics supplement, which includes 30 billion CFU and 14 essential strains, is the fifth-best probiotic product in India. This comprehensive mix’s ingredients encourage and enhance good digestion and nutrient absorption. It cleanses the digestive tract while also supplying a healthy dose of beneficial microbes. Among the 14 strains included in the supplement are L.plantarum, L.fermentum, L.reuteri, B.lactis, B.bifidum, B.boulardii, L.casei, L.acidophilus, S.thermophilus, B.berve, L.rhamnosus, B.lactis, L.paracasei, and L.salivarius.

The probiotic contains 100 mg of prebiotic Fructo-oligosaccharides, which feed the probiotics and boost their activity, making them even more potent and reliable. The supplement also stimulates and regulates immune cell responses via binding receptors. These pills help in antioxidant modification. The supplement produces antioxidant metabolites, which limit free radical damage by controlling their actions. It keeps our gut flora healthy and reduces inflammation by altering inflammatory signaling pathways. Science has extensively studied and backed the components used, and they are entirely safe and tested.

6. Neuherbs Daily Probiotics With Prebiotic

Neuherbs Daily Probiotics with Prebiotic, Blend of six healthy Probiotics


Why on This List?

  • Balance the digestion problems of elderly
  • Protects the gut
  • Supports immunity
  • Absorption of nutrients and probiotics
  • Six imperative strains
  • Vitamin E and K
  • Maintains the mood and gut feeling

In a season when we all like to eat outside, having a potent probiotic becomes vital. This is when Neuherbs Daily Probiotics comes in to assist. Neuherbs is a company that has won the hearts of clients all around the world by delivering high-quality medicinal goods. Neuherbs probiotics provide all of the natural and necessary strains for healthy gut flora. These tablets include 20 billion CFUs and six health probiotics in a clever formulation. During our testing, we discovered that the product contains prebiotics, which help the probiotic supplement work more effectively.

The unique manufacturing mix of Neuherbs Probiotic capsules is what we liked most about them. Unlike its competitors, the product uses a special blend of minerals and vitamins to replace the void caused by the body’s lack of key nutrients and antioxidants. Each meal contains vitamins C and K, as well as selenium. Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, and Saccharomyces boulardii are all included in the product.

These strains have been demonstrated to be critical for gut health. Furthermore, it includes Fructo-oligosaccharides, a prebiotic that feeds the probiotics, helping them to work more efficiently. The probiotic contains nutrients and chemicals that aid digestion, immunity, and mood regulation. This probiotic supplement is ideal for seniors, dieters, athletes, and outdoor dinners.

It is also subjected to a variety of quality and safety examinations to ensure that what you are receiving is absolutely safe. It is straightforward and comfortable to use and consume the capsule. There are no lasting flavours or aftertastes after swallowing the pills. The goods arrived in good condition, and the bottle was rather sturdy. The capsules are simple to consume and provide the nutrients your body and intestines require to flourish.

7. Swisse Ultibiotic Probiotic Supplement

Swisse Ultibiotic Probiotic Supplement for Immunity


Why on This List?

  • Specially formulated probiotic supplement
  • Three carefully selected strains
  • Good for gut health
  • Helps in relieving abdominal bloating, flatulence, and other improper digestion symptoms
  • Unadulterated and certified
  • All-natural ingredients.

Swisse is a major global brand with over five decades of experience in Australia. The firm is considered one of the best in the complimenting industry. Swisse Ultibiotic is a complex daily probiotic supplement that combines the power and benefits of three distinct strains that have all been clinically confirmed. The supplement contains a strong blend of Howaru Bifido HN019, La-14, and BI-04 strains that enhance outstanding immunity and gut health while preserving the balance and health of beneficial bacteria.

The supplement contains 5 billion CFU of B.lactis, 15 billion CFU of B.lactis (BI-04), and 15 billion CFU of L. acidophilus, all of which improve immunity and intestinal health. These strains have been found to help with digestive discomfort, bloating, and gas symptoms. Regardless, it helps bacteria that have been lost due to illness, age, or antibiotics thrive and flourish. The capsule has a manageable size, making it easy to consume. On the tongue, it has no flavor or aftertaste. However, taking the tablet on an empty stomach is not advised. The product is free of chemicals, additives, fillers, binders, gluten, lactose, and artificial flavors, and it is TGA and GMP-certified before being shipped to you to assure quality and safety.

8. HealthAid Acidophilus Plus

HealthAid Acidophilus Plus


Why on This List?

  • Consists of HPMC (Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose), water, probiotic blend, and silica
  • Shelf life of 24 months
  • Package Size: 60 capsules
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • For both men and women
  • FSSAI approved
  • 4 billion acidophilus for digestion

Acidophilus Plus supplement tablets from HealthAid include 4 billion acidophile gut-friendly bacteria that help with gut stability and stomach problems. These supplements are made without the use of dairy products. It’s a completely vegan product. HealthAid Acidophilus Plus ranks eighth on our list of the best probiotics in India.

9. WOW Probiotics 20 Billion CFU

WOW Life Science Probiotics Capsules


Why on This List?

  • 20 Billion CFUs
  • Improve immunity
  • Effective product for digestion and constipation
  • A gluten-free
  • Soy-free and natural capsule
  • A suitable product for vegetarian people
  • An effective solution to improve gut health

WOW Probiotics 20 Billion CFU could be the best option for you. WOW’s health supplement has four helpful bacteria types that aid with digestion. These probiotic tablets are ideal for you since they are gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegetarian. Each serving of the capsules in this little bottle contains 20 billion CFUs of probiotics.

WOW Life Science’s gluten-free, natural, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegetarian capsules can help you improve your gut health. Non-GMO capsules can provide up to 20 billion CFUs (good bacteria) to the intestines, aiding digestion. These health supplement capsules include 14 helpful bacteria types that help you maintain a healthy digestive equilibrium.

10. Boldfit Pro-Biotics 30 Billion CFU

Boldfit Probiotics Supplement


Why on This List?

  • Consists of 30 Billion CFU
  • 16 strains of live bacteria
  • This product is a combination of pre and probiotics
  • Gluten and sugar-free
  • Dosage: You can take one or two capsules in a day
  • Consists of 16 strains of live microorganisms
  • Improves gut health
  • Unisex probiotic supplement
  • Travel-friendly package
  • Marked safe by FSSAI

Boldfit Probiotics Supplement comes last on our list of the top probiotics in India, but it is still in the top ten. It contains 30 billion CFU and is suitable for both men and women. By incorporating 16 types of live bacteria, these Boldfit Probiotics Supplements safeguard digestive health and improve the immune system. This probiotic pill contains over 30 billion active and strong bacteria. These microbes help to restore the body’s healthy gut flora. One of the 16 bacterial strains present is Lactobacillus. These microorganisms help digestion and the immune system. The package contains 60 capsules, which is a reasonable number.

Buying Guide

We will assist you in selecting the best probiotic supplement available in India. So, how do you know what to look for in a decent supplement? In India, there are far too many probiotic pills to pick from, making it difficult to make a decision. As a result, in order to determine the ranking, we analyze the best items based on the following factors.

  • CFU: When purchasing a probiotic supplement, the first and most important thing to look for is the number of probiotic cultures (measured in CFUs or colony-forming units) in each capsule.
  • Look for the Probiotic: The sort of probiotic (good bacteria) present in the product is the next item to look for.
  • Effectiveness: The product’s efficacy is the next criterion to consider.
  • Money well spent: This isn’t the most significant criterion, but it does influence the probiotic you choose.
  • Continuity: This is another crucial component that is frequently overlooked. When you consume a capsule, the strains are still alive. What good are these supplements if the healthy bacteria in them are non-functional when you ingest them?
  • Other ingredients include the bacteria we require, it’s crucial to look at what else is in the capsule.

Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics have been shown to provide clear health advantages in clinical studies. The immune system, digestion, weight control, and hormone synthesis all benefit from healthy gut flora. Furthermore, women benefit from probiotics more since probiotics have been shown to boost vaginal health and lower the incidence of yeast infections.

Aid in Digestion and Prevents Digestive Problems

The association between probiotics and digestion and digestive diseases has been the major focus of clinical research employing probiotics.

There is a definite link between probiotics and enhanced digestive function, according to research. Probiotic probiotics enhanced gut health and eliminated typical digestive disorders including diarrhea and constipation, according to research done in France. They concluded that probiotics strengthen the gut wall’s resistance to damaging chemicals. Probiotics can also help to prevent disease-related changes in intestinal structure, which can result in stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and bloating.

Their findings imply that probiotics can help with a wide range of digestive issues, from simple gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea to irritable bowel illness and ulcerative colitis. Adults with ulcerative colitis showed remission after taking probiotics, according to follow-up research published in 2009.

Aid in the Treatment and Prevention of Yeast Infections and Urinary Tract Infections

Fungi or dangerous bacteria colonize the urine or genital system, causing urinary tract infections and yeast infections. In most cases, healthy bacteria would be able to eliminate these hazardous infections and prevent their multiplication and colonization.

Probiotics are increasingly gaining popularity to treat and prevent yeast and urinary tract infections. Lactobacillus is a kind of bacteria that has been proved to be highly successful in studies, and most probiotics aimed at women will contain a high dose of lactobacillus.

It May Aid in the Prevention of Weight Gain and Even Weight Reduction

Although the specific relationship is unknown, experts believe that harmful bacteria might reduce the body’s capacity to burn calories by suppressing the synthesis of key hormones that regulate metabolism. The body’s capacity to digest food can also be slowed by bad bacteria, which can lead to weight gain owing to severe constipation. Although more study is needed in this area, there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence accessible. A considerable number of people who take probiotics report losing weight, particularly in the initial few weeks of treatment. As a result, it appears that probiotics and weight control are linked in some way.

Help the Immune System to Work Properly

Your immune system is a big and complex system that runs throughout your entire body, but it all starts in your intestines. Probiotics, according to researchers, can boost the immune system by bringing beneficial bacteria into the stomach, which kills off harmful bacteria and other infections that might otherwise harm your body. According to one research, probiotics may help your immune system focus on harmful microorganisms rather than allergens, therefore reducing or eliminating allergies.

May Aid With Hormone Balance

Your gut flora, believe it or not, plays a crucial part in the synthesis of key hormones in your body. The estrobolome is a bacterial community in the gut that influences estrogen circulation. This can have a negative impact on libido, weight gain, and mood, particularly in women. Furthermore, gut bacteria affect the body’s pace of digestion and the synthesis of weight-controlling metabolic hormones. Researchers from Imperial College London discovered that probiotics might alter the amount of fat absorbed by the body by altering the way bile acids are processed. Probiotics, according to researchers, can control how much fat the body can absorb, potentially inhibiting the storage of new fat.

Safety and Side Effects of Probiotics

Probiotic supplements are typically regarded as safe and well-tolerated by the majority of people. There are, however, a few possible side effects of probiotics, particularly in the initial few days of usage. The most prevalent negative effect related to probiotics is digestive problems. Gas, bloating, and constipation are possible adverse effects, although they usually go away after a few days of usage.

Certain strains of probiotics have been linked to histamine production in the digestive system. Watery eyes, runny nose, itching, and problems breathing are all symptoms of histamine sensitivity or allergy. Although potentially fatal, the chances of this response occurring are slim to none at best.

The Bottom Line

These top 10 best probiotics in India are carefully listed. However, your choice depends on your health and immune system. Carbamide Forte Probiotics SupplementDr. Formulated Probiotics, and HealthKart HK Vitals Pre & Probiotics are the top recommendation by biowellbeing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are probiotics, exactly?

Probiotics are live organisms that maintain healthy gut flora and are present in your digestive tract. Healthy gut flora has been linked to various health advantages, including weight loss, improved digestion, clearer skin, and improved immunological function. Probiotics can be obtained by the consumption of foods such as yogurt, pickles, and sauerkraut. Unfortunately, most individuals are unable to consume these items on a daily basis, necessitating the use of probiotic supplements.

What is the distinction between probiotics and prebiotics?

Probiotics and prebiotics are both essential for good health. However, they serve two distinct purposes, and it’s critical to understand the distinction. Prebiotics are carbohydrates (mainly fibre) that humans are unable to digest. Prebiotics pass through the digestive tract and are devoured by good bacteria in the stomach after being absorbed. This promotes the growth of bacteria and the maintenance of healthy gut flora.

Live microorganisms found in meals and supplements are known as probiotics. Probiotics aid in the maintenance of healthy gut flora, which has been linked to a slew of health advantages. Prebiotic and probiotic meals are essential for a variety of biological processes and keeping the appropriate mix will keep your gut bacteria healthy.

Can probiotics help you lose weight?

Probiotics can help you lose weight, indirectly. Poor gut flora may interfere with the generation of some hormones that govern the body’s metabolism, according to some studies. Improved gut flora has been demonstrated in studies to assist govern the body’s hormone production, especially those that affect metabolism. As a result, taking a probiotic will likely result in some small weight reduction.

How many CFUs are good for a probiotic?

In most probiotics, the colony-forming units, or CFUs, range from 1 billion to 100 billion. The number of CFUs, on the other hand, is not nearly as essential as other parameters. The strain quality and distribution mechanism are considerably more crucial and effective than the number of CFUs. A high-quality probiotic will have a delivery mechanism that preserves the probiotics as they reach your digestive tract, as well as various vital unique strains of bacteria.

Is it truly necessary for me to take a probiotic?

Experts are divided on whether or you require a probiotic. Probiotics have been shown to be good for your health, although they may not be essential. If you’ve been taking antibiotics, a probiotic is could be very beneficial. Because antibiotics destroy all bacteria in your stomach, including healthy bacteria. This can mess with your gut flora, which has to be replaced. In this scenario, taking a probiotic can swiftly replenish the beneficial bacteria that have been destroyed as a result of antibiotic treatment. Taking a probiotic isn’t necessary for most people, although it can aid with digestion and the immune system.

Do probiotics have any adverse side effects?

While most individuals believe probiotics to be safe and well-tolerated, they can have negative side effects too. The majority of people will not have any adverse effects, but some likely feel gas and bloating. These side effects usually go away within a few days or weeks. In the digestive tract, certain types of probiotics may create histamine. Itching, watery eyes, a runny nose, and difficulty breathing can all be indications of an allergic response. Starting with a lower strain of probiotics and working your way up to a greater dose is suggested to reduce the chance of negative effects.

What are some of the advantages of taking probiotics?

Taking probiotic supplements has conclusively demonstrated health benefits. Probiotic pills have been demonstrated in studies to aid with digestion and immune system function. According to other research, poor gut flora can decrease the body’s metabolism and reduce the generation of important hormones. Bloating and weight gain may result as a result of this. In some people, taking probiotics might help them lose weight by reversing this impact.

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