Expect These Things After Getting a COVID-19 Jab

The COVID-19 vaccine that you have had has been shown to reduce the chance of you suffering from COVID-19 disease. Each vaccine has been tested in more than 20,000 people in several countries and shown to be safe.

image showing women getting covid-19 jab vaccine

If you’ve gotten a COVID-19 shot then congratulations! You’re on your way towards some very impressive protection from novel corona virus infections. Soon after taking the jab some people may experience side effects.

The side effects include fever, vomiting, headache, diarrhea or rashes. These side effects usually go away within few days.

Over the next few days you may notice the arm where the jab was injected feels sore, and you may feel tiredness, headache or other common symptoms which usually occurs after the jab.

This is actually a very good sign that means the shot is working, and your body is building its defense against the COVID-19 virus.

But that does not mean you will throw away your masks and would stop following social distancing norms well, not so fast!

It may take a week or two for your body to build up some protection from the first dose of vaccine. Like all medicines, no vaccine is completely effective, so you should continue to take recommended precautions to avoid infection.

Some people still may get COVID-19 despite having a vaccination, but this should be less severe.

These new vaccines protect people very well from developing symptoms of COVID-19, and they’re near-perfect at eliminating death.

“But if you want to get back to normal, just you or a few other people being vaccinated doesn’t change the dynamics of the outbreak,” Fauci said. 

It’s possible that vaccinated people could still be asymptomatic virus carriers, unwittingly spreading infections around to others in their population.

That could be a problem, if a majority of people choose not to get vaccinated, because it could mean that the more deadly and debilitating forms of this disease would continue to spread to healthy people who aren’t vaccinated.

That’s why it’ll still be important to maintain social distance and wear a mask for at least several months to come.


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