Is Jaggery Good For Diabetes? You Need To Know This!

Jaggery or even Gur is the common sweetener that’s commonly utilized in several African and Asian nations. Jaggery is regarded as a much healthier alternative to sugar. The question is ‘Is jaggery good for diabetes? Can a diabetic eat jaggery? How much is allowed? What are the consequences of eating jaggery for a diabetic person?

Is Jaggery Good For Diabetes

Dietitians frequently advise adding jaggery to desserts rather than sugar. This is because the sweetener is sweet.

Therefore, it keeps a more significant quantity of nourishment than processed sugar. But plenty of diabetics tend to be confused about whether they can use it rather than sugar, which can be beyond their diet plan range.

Is Jaggery Good For Diabetes?

image showing jaggery cubes in a bowl

So what’s the reality? Is jaggery very safe for diabetes patients should it be prevented by diabetes patients completely, together with sugar? To answer this query, we have to examine the manner jaggery generated.

Jaggery consists of sugarcane or date palm. The residue left, after the procedure is complete, is much less elegant than the sugar you consume. For that reason, it contains more nutrients than refined products.

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You are more inclined to acquire sugarcane jaggery, which can be much more commonly offered. However, the nutrient of this sweetener, nonetheless, it’s still relatively high in sugars.

Jaggery has quite a few health benefits, such as regulation of blood pressure because of iron. Additionally, it defeats oxidative stress and soothes digestion. That is the reason our seniors believe in using a part of jaggery following meals.

Glycemic Index Of Jaggery

Jaggery’s glycemic index is relatively high, and consequently, it’s not a good idea for people with diabetes to eat jaggery. Also, typically, diabetes patients need to eliminate sweet desserts, and foods as a huge part of managing blood sugar. This is vital to state diabetics to steer clear of sugary foods.

Jaggery Contains Sugar:

image showing sugar cubes

Yes, a great deal of sugar! Jaggery is a naturally-occurring sweetener. However, this sweet-alternate also comprises approximately 65 to 85 percent of sucrose. And that is why eating jaggery ought to be a big no for diabetics since the majority of it is sugar.

Is Jaggery As Bad As Sugar?

image showing glucometer and sugar

Jaggery is a conventional kind of sweetener. It’s acquired by boiling sugarcane juice. This good residue is not as elegant as compared to sugar and also keeps a lot of essential nutrients like potassium, calcium, and iron.

But that does not indicate an individual who has a high sugar level might consume jaggery. Its brownish color might appear healthier, but for a diabetic individual, it isn’t a healthy option.

Jaggery helps comb oxidative stress and keeps blood pressure in check due to its iron content; however, if you have diabetes, jaggery ought to be from your food limitations. 

It Can Cause High Sugar Level:

image showing a man testing blood glucose level

Eating jaggery has a little similar effect on your sugar level as ingesting sugar. Many individuals understand that if they substitute sugar with jaggery, it helps them keep their blood sugar level.

However, this isn’t the situation. Though complicated, jaggery includes sucrose, which increases blood glucose sugar levels when consumed by our body.

That means it’s as dangerous as any other sort of sugar. The sole distinction is jaggery takes some time to become absorbed in your human body. 


As a result, for the query “Is Jaggery Good For Diabetes?” We found out that, a diabetic person should avoid sugar and jaggery both. Individuals who do not have diabetes may substitute sugar with jaggery. This can be a wholesome selection for them.

Thus eating jaggery isn’t an alternative for a diabetic person. Everything used in a controlled amount is good for your health.

So for normal people without diabetes you can use jaggery and for people having diabetes should avoid it.

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