5 Best Mamra Almond Brands in India 2023 (May) Premium Quality Badam

There are several best mamra almond brands in India which you can buy. Here I’ll recommend the best brand of almonds, which are beneficial for health and at a budget price. Mamra Almonds are the goodness of almonds. It is an excellent source of Vitamin E. Besides, very rich in protein, fiber, and minerals. If you say this is a superfood, it won’t be wrong. 

As we know, mamra almonds are relatively higher in price than the general almonds brands in India. It is because of the nutritional value of the mamra almond. 

It is a superfood because of many reasons which you might not know till now. Let me tell you some before the listing of mamra almond brands.

Mamra Almonds are delicious and friendly to your heart health. The cholesterol level in mamra almonds is very low. That is directly linked with your heart health.

Cholesterol is not suitable for the heart. The best mamra almond brands which I’m going to mention are the best almond in the world. 

5 Best Mamra Almond Brands in India 2021

Those are some of the surprising benefits of the mamra almond. I’ll list more at the end of the post after listing the best mamra almond brands in the India list. Let’s get into that.

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Best Mamra Almond Brands in India

Below we’ve listed the top 5 best mamra almond brands which are popular in India.

Farganic Original Mamra Giri Almonds

Farganic Original Mamra Giri Almonds.- Premium Real Mamra Badam Giri


  • 100% Pure & Natural Badam Giri.
  • Finest Quality 
  • Scratchless and Jumbo in size
  • Comes in Tamper Proof Packaging
  • Cultivated Naturally
  • Unpolished, Raw, and Natural for nutritional value

Farganic brand of almond is at the top of our list of best mamra almond brands in India. Not because I just found it should be, but because of its most rated Mamra almond brand out there regarding the other brands. 

Farganic mamra almonds are premium almonds. It has a more than 4.5-star rating, which is a good sign of quality. When I checked all the reviews, I hardly found 1 or 2 bad reviews. Most of the buyers were satisfied with this product.

Why Should You Buy these Mamra Almonds?

Farganic mamra almonds are 100% pure and natural badam giri. The best thing is the packaging of this product. When it reaches you, you’ll find tamper-proof packaging that protects the almonds. 

The Farganic almonds are scratch-less and jumbo in size. The packaging is reusable, so you can keep them fresh in the kitchen for a long time. These are raw almonds and unpolished to keep nutritional values. 

These almonds are cultivated naturally and organically; organic is far better than any other fertilized almonds. That’s why the price of these mamra almonds is comparatively more than the general almonds. One of best thing about this brand is, it provides different amounts of packages.

You can buy these quantities without losing any quality, with the same tampered packaging

Nature’s Essence Original Mamra Almonds Badam

Nature's Essence by KBX Nature's Essence Original Mamra Almonds Badam Giri-


  • Superior quality
  • 100% cholesterol-free
  • Free from artificial colouring and chemicals
  • For better heart health
  • Best for diabetes

Nature’s essence is an Indian brand founded a long time ago. It comes under the top 100 bestseller brand on Amazon to sell almonds. You can trust Indian products. This brand provides superior quality of almonds that are 100% cholesterol-free. 

It doesn’t mix any artificial coloring or chemicals. Pregnant women should have this exotic food because mamra Giri almonds contain lots of folic acid inside them, helping the mother prevent certain birth defects. 

You can have mamra Giri after soaking in water overnight. Soaked almonds are more useful and nutritious.

You can also have almonds in the morning with milk. Best for diabetic patients, for better eyesight, better memory, better heart health, and pregnant women.

This brand also provides different packages,

Tulsi Badam Giri Mamra

Tulsi Badam Giri Mamra Lazeez


  • 100% Natural Best quality Mamra Almonds.
  • Tulsi Mamra Shahi is the most popular nuts.
  • Rich source of Proteins, Minerals & Vitamins.
  • It is incredibly nutrient-rich and contains protein, copper, niacin, magnesium, fiber, vitamin E, and Selenium.

According to the rating and review, Tulsi Badam Giri is 3rd in the list of Best Mamra Almond Brands in India. This product got more than 4 stars on Amazon.

Tulsi dry fruits is a well-known brand in India and other countries also. Tulsi dry fruits also export dry fruits and nuts to more than 20 countries, including America, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Tulsi is the largest brand in India in importing California Almonds. Besides, it provides premium almonds.

It provides 100% natural and good quality almonds for daily home use from the house of Tulsi. Tulsi Mamra lazeez are the most popular nuts sourced from Iran.

Rich source of Proteins, minerals, and vitamins. This brand of almonds is recommended for children and women at the time of pregnancy.

It comes in three varieties, 

The Shahi product is a little higher in price range than the Lazeez and Zaika products. Tulsi Mamra Shahi is extremely rich in nutrient content. It contains protein, copper, magnesium, fiber, Vitamin E, and Selenium.

Lali Balaji Dry Fruits Mamra Gold Almond

LALI BALAJI Dry Fruits Mamra Gold Almond


  • Best quality almonds 
  • Good for brain power
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Healthy ready food to curb those hunger pranks
  • Hygienically packed
  • Rich source of Proteins, Minerals & Vitamins, Selenium, Magnesium, Healthy monounsaturated fats, etc.

If you want the best healthy and nutritious Mamra Giri almonds at a low price, this brand is the best choice. Lali Balaji is also a well-known brand in India. These almonds are perfect for the digestive system, respiratory system. 

Almonds also prevent some skin disorders. It has a fantastic taste with lots of health benefits. It’s the price. It is also low compared to other brands. If you have any digestive problems like constipation, this almond brand is for you. 

Almonds contain a perfect amount of fiber, which will help you to operate the digestive tract. Besides that, these nuts are a good source of healthy monounsaturated fat, magnesium, potassium, and protein. It’s also rich in Niacin and Selenium.

Ramu Mamra Choti Giri Almonds

Ramu Mamra Choti Giri Almonds Nuts Badam 5 Best Mamra Almond Brands in India 2023 (May) Premium Quality Badam


  • Premium quality
  • Bestseller
  • Cholesterol free
  • Best for eyesight, diabetes, and heart health
  • Contains folic acid, best for pregnant women

Ramu Mamra Choti Giri almonds come last in our list of best mamra almonds in India. This product got more than 4 stars on Amazon and came under the top 100 bestseller list of selling almonds. So, the quality will be okay. 

The main reason for listing this product is its quality and the excellent review of buyers. The manufacturer of these almonds is the international brand Khari Baoli

Besides that, it provides you with 100% cholesterol-free without any artificial coloring and chemical mixing. Best for eyesight, memory booster, heart health, and diabetes. It contains lots of folic acids, so without any doubt, it is best for pregnant women. 

Which One do We Recommend?

We have listed the Top 5 best mamra almonds brand in India, their benefits, and their quality. From them, you can choose anyone as per your need. Or you can search other brands also, but that would be a loss of time. Because, after lots of research, we have listed these five products. 


  1. Farganic Original Mamra Giri Almonds
  2. Tulsi badam Giri Shahi
  3. Nature’s Essence Original Mamra Almonds Badam

The Bottom Line: 

All the five products listed are the best mamra almond brand in India. They all are the best quality products. You can choose any one of them as per your need. We’ve also recommended three products of Mamra Almonds which are best for everyone.

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