Putting On Weight During the Pandemic Is an Issue

During the lockdown, weight gain occurred because of the ease of access to food and alcohol without any exercise. 

weight gain during the pandemic, obesity crisis
obesity crisis during the pandemic is a matter of concern

“You’re working from home, and you take breaks all the time, and that’s when you start eating,” said mark Riggins, from Baldwin, who claims that he gained 10 pounds since March.

The doctors of the long island said that patients are seen to gain more weight than ever due to the pandemic, and some physicians too. By gaining even one extra pound, the risks of heart disease or severe covid-19 cases could happen, according to some experts.

“Forty percent of the adult population is considered obese, and if you throw on top of that the inactivity of being isolated at home, not going to the gym, not socializing with friends, it leads to increased anxiety and depression, and of ways of trying to comfort that, and what do people do? They eat,” said Dr. Anthony Ardito, an internist with practices in Lake Success and Commack and vice president of the primary care service line for Catholic Health Services of Long Island.

“I’m worried about COVID,” said Rodriquez, 55, as she waited in line recently outside the Adidas store at Tanger Outlets in Deer Park. She also said she had gained 15 extra pounds due to lack of exercise and food, alcohol consumption.

LaKeisha Riggins, 49, of Baldwin, the wife of Marc Riggins, used to walk with friends, but after the lockdown started, she is going out less often. She gained 10-20 pounds more.” I cannot afford to gain any more weight,” she said. 

Continuous research has been going on about weight gain. A journal of Obesity Research & Clinical Practice may post that from 1200 people who were a part of the survey via Facebook,22% had gained 5-10 pounds during a pandemic.

Dr.Mark Schecter, a Plainview doctor and chief of family medicine at ProHEALTH at long island, said he had gained about 15pounds during the pandemic. Because of the free food donated from local people and restaurants d in gratitude.

“There was food all day long, everywhere you turned,” he said. “You’re constantly grabbing something in between patients. You’re not sitting down and having a standard meal.”


  • Go for outdoor walks to a place without a crowd
  • Walk inside your home for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Follow some workout tips or videos from youtube
  • If you are working from home, then take short breaks and move around a little

Source: https://www.newsday.com/news/health/coronavirus/weight-gain-covid-19-obesity-1.50113948

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