Is Pita Bread Healthy? Benefits & Preparation


Bread is the most often consumed morning food of all time. It has now become a basic nutritional item for everyone. Bread is consumed in a variety of ways, including sandwiches, jam and bread, French toast, grilled cheese toast, garlic bread, bread butter, and so on. Bread may be used as the main component in a variety of dishes.

Bread is made from a dough of flour (usually wheat or all-purpose flour) and water, with baking being the most popular method. Some of the elements utilized in making the bread fluffier and rising are naturally occurring bacteria such as sourdough, technically created yeast, high-pressure aeration, and chemicals such as baking soda. Wheat is the most frequent grain used to make bread; however multi-grain loaves are very popular these days. The supermarkets are packed with many types of bread for us to pick from.

Let’s Have a Look at the Common Types of Pieces of Bread Available:

types of bread
  1. Baguette
  2. Brioche bread (French Bread)
  3. Ciabatta bread (Italian Invented bread)
  4. Focaccia bread (Italian origin)
  5. Multigrain bread.
  6. Pita bread (middle eastern origin)
  7. Rye bread.
  8. Sourdough bread
  9. Whole wheat bread.

Amongst all the above types of bread, in this article, we would be looking for some more information about Pita bread.

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Pita Bread

Pita belongs to the family of yeast-fermented round flatbreads that are baked from wheat flour, and have existed in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and its neighboring areas. Pita shows its origin from the prehistoric flatbreads of the Middle East.

Preparation of Pita Bread

Pita bread is baked at elevated temperatures like 232 degrees Celsius, which turns the water present in the dough into steam, further causing the pita to puff up and form a pocket. Once it is removed from the oven, the layers of this baked dough remain separated inside the flattened pita, which then allows the bread to be opened to form a pocket. Pita is always proofed for a very short time, irrespective of where it is being prepared, at home or a commercial bakery. Further, it is air-cooled for 20 minutes and stored in commercial freezers at a temperature of -12 degrees Celsius.

Pita bread can be enjoyed with flavorsome dips and sauces such as hummus, and falafel. The nutritional value of pita bread depends on the elements used to make it. Generally, pita bread is made out of wheat, multiple grains, and also with whole wheat too.

pita bread

Pita Bread Has the Following Benefits

  1. Low calorie: Due to low calories it is great for weight loss.
  2. A good source of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  3. It helps to reduce your cholesterol and lowers the risks of diabetes and heart disease.
  4. High fiber content: Whole grain pita bread is loaded with fiber content and hence aids in digestion.
  5. Pita bread is stomach-filling food and you do not feel hungry for a long time.
  6. Pita bread is low in fat. That is one large serving of pita bread contains one gram of fat.

Is Pita Bread Healthy?

With all benefits mentioned above whether eating pita bread is healthy for us? Loaves of bread generally are not in the good books of the diet circles as they are the biggest enemy for weight loss and health. Ideally, no food groups should be eliminated from our diet. Some pita bread is healthier than others the only thing which you need to keep in mind is that everything depends on the quality and quantity of whole-grain pita bread ingredients through which we get all the nutrition.

The Bottom line

To conclude, Pita bread is the most popular type of flatbread irrespective of which dips you are using they are mouthwateringly satisfying.

It is recommended that depending upon the size of the pita one can consume 1-2 servings. One can enjoy eating pita bread every day but only keep all the calories in mind.

Pita bread and traditional bread both contain almost matching ingredients, but the only difference is what nutrition both of them provide. Whichever bread you choose, just keep one thing in mind pick the best quality and read the labels.

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