Best Time to Eat Fruits: For All to Get the Most Out of It

We all are aware that fruits are healthy! They are filled with nutrients, minerals, fibres, flavonoids, and antioxidants. Fruits are very low on calories and are the choice for weight watchers. Fruits comprise healthy sugars and can be had without worrying about any side effects. Fruits must be a part of everyone’s everyday diet. 

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Fruits are versatile and can be consumed in many forms. They are low on fat and sodium and can be eaten by people with diabetes to the ones with heart problems, and high blood pressure, from kids to the elderly, everyone can have fruits daily.

Fruits comprise different types of nutrients which protect against different types of diseases and infections and lower the risk of heart diseases and hypertension.

No doubt fruits are good for our health, but they need to be eaten in the proper manner and time to avoid adverse results on health. We also feel that it’s easy to consume fruits but to gain the utmost benefits you need to consume them at right time.

Right and Best Time to Eat Fruits

On an Empty Stomach in the Morning

Some professionals always mention that you can eat fruits on an empty stomach. They say so because digestion takes place at a rapid pace during this time. When fruits are consumed on an empty stomach, some enzymes are released and aid in the easy digestion of the fruits. All the nutrients, sugar, and dietary fibres get properly processed in the body which further confirms that your body receives the right quantity of nutrition from the fruits. The nutrient concentration and other beneficial compounds aid in detoxification and weight loss.

Before and After Workout

Before and after the workout session is another best to eat fruits. During this period you can have any of your most precious fruits. Before a workout our body needs energy and after a workout, the body needs to refill this energy to do this the sugars present in the fruits are extracted and they serve the purpose.

For Breakfast 

Studies suggest that due to high sugar content, the best time to eat fruit is in the morning for breakfast. This is so because all through the night our body has rested and in the morning it requires a little bit of a boost. At this time fruits can be eaten as a whole or can be combined with other foodstuffs like oats and milk and can act like protein and a nutrient-packed breakfast.

In Between the Meals

We all like to snack in between meals and having fruits between your meals is a great habit. This is the time when our body digests food quickly and releases different enzymes to digest the fruits. Also, they keep you feeling full for a long time and do not make you feel hungry in between your meals. A fruit plate at this time of the hour can make an excellent snack.

At Nighttime or Before Sleeping

This is the time when one should avoid eating fruits. Eating them right before bedtime can raise your blood sugar levels and can hamper your sleep. Combining fruits with your meals should also be avoided as it may slow down the process of digestion.

For Diabetics

There is a myth that diabetics should eat fruits 1 to 2 hours either before or after meals. This is because eating fruit with a meal may interfere with digestion and also affect a person with diabetes due to other common occurring digestive problems. There is no specific timing for eating fruits for the ones with diabetes, but the only thing which they need to follow is rather than eating fruits separately, they should pair the fruits with other foods that are high in protein, fibre, or fats to avoid the potential rise in blood sugar levels.

For Weight Loss

Fruits and weight loss

Ideally, there is no such exact timing to eat fruits for the ones with a goal of weight loss. Since fruits are rich in fibre; they can help a person feel full for a longer period. Eating a low-calorie and nutritive fruit before a meal may make a person feel fuller which in turn will not make them overeat during or after their meal. One can replace their high-calorie snack with fruit at any time of the day to promote weight loss.

The Bottom line

In a nutshell, fruits are healthy, nourishing, and the easiest way to keep yourself healthy. Enriched with various nutrients and benefits it facilitates all the age groups to maintain their body and health.

The best time to eat fruits could be on empty stomach, in the morning, before and after a workout, and should be avoided at night or before sleep.

Just make sure to have one whole fruit each day. Usually, there are a lot of opinions and say, but there is no perfect time of the day to have a Fruit.

The only thing which you need to keep in mind is moderation and the serving size while eating fruits. This habit of moderation and portion size will keep you healthy and maintain weight and prevent diseases.

Always remember to consume fresh fruits and avoid eating for at least half an hour after eating fruits. Switching to seasonal fruits can show maximum benefits.

And finally, do consult your doctor, nutritionist, or educator regarding the timing and how to incorporate them appropriately into your daily diet.

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