Best Time to Eat Apple: Morning, Day, Evening, or, Night

Everyone in their diet should incorporate fruits. Consuming fruits have many health benefits, and people who eat fruits overall are healthy. 

Our marketplaces are full of colorful fruits and vegetables. Out of them, one fruit is red, shiny, looks fabulous, and is juicy and sweet to taste, and that’s the Apple.

Apple has several health benefits if consumed at the right time without affecting adversely. So, how to get the most out of an apple, and what is the best time to eat an apple to get the most out of it?

We have that traditional saying and have been hearing since our childhood days that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This proverb came into being so that one should eat healthy so that you do not need to see the doctor often, and apples are one of the healthy foods.

Apples can be eaten every day and are considered the healthiest fruit. Apples are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and all these have a benefit to our health.[1

We all know that eating fruits every day does have a good effect on our health and body. But the most important thing that we all should know is the best time to have fruits.

Generally, the best time to have fruits is, in the morningbetween two meals or at snack time, and during pre-and post-workout. Before bedtime and immediately before or after meals is considered the worst time to consume any fruit.

Fruits in your diet can improve digestion, detoxify your body, and maintain the required amount of sugar and other nutrients when eaten at proper times but eating them at the wrong intervals could have harmful effects on the body.

Apples ideally should be eaten raw as sometimes they are also cooked, and they should always be eaten with peels. While eating an apple, see that you chew it well so that its juice comes into the mouth and the skin does not stick to your throat. 

What Is the Best Time to Eat an Apple?

Apple is an immunity-booster fruit, and it cannot be included at any time of the day.

Eating apples in the morning hours is beneficial for people with digestive issues due to late-night or improper sleep and late eating habits. Apple peels are rich in dietary fiber and pectin.

It has been advised that this fruit should be eaten in the morning on an empty stomach because the digestive system rapidly breaks down the sugars present in the fruit, and further, we get full nutritional benefits. 

eating apple

Further, pectin also protects the lactic acid bacteria in the gut that works as probiotics.[2]

Pectin in apple aids the existing bacteria in it to grow better in the colon, which keeps the digestive tract healthy and stimulates your bowel movement.

Pectin can also help get rid of toxins that eliminate the carcinogens, a substance responsible for generating cancer.

Eating apples in the evening or at night can burden intestinal functions, and this means that eating apples at night can make you feel uncomfortable in the wee hours as it produces gas.

Apples contain organic acids and, when consumed in the latter part of the day, can lead to an increase in stomach acid, which may interfere with your bowel movements.

Also, it’s good to eat one or two apples a day but only in separate periods. Ideally, eating apples in the morning and between two meals has proven beneficial, so we all should follow this. 

Drinking Apple Juice

Avoid drinking apple juice as it has added sugar, and all the fiber contents get removed. Eating the whole fruit is more beneficial than drinking its juice.

Consuming apple juice has improved markers associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurological disorders, and maybe others.

The positive effects of apple juice are more noticeable in cloudy apple juice than in clear apple juice, most likely due to its decreased nutritional density.

Whole apples are most likely preferable to apple juice. However, when drank in moderation, apple juice may be a convenient and quick approach to enhance fruit consumption and improve overall diet quality.[3

Benefits of Eating Apples at the Right Time Include:

  1. It keeps your heart healthy,
  2. Keeps the brain more active and sharper.
  3. Protection against respiratory diseases.
  4. Keeps the liver fit.
  5. Prevents obesity.
  6. It has anti-cancer properties.

Apples are a significant source of phytochemicals, and epidemiological studies have linked apple intake to a reduced risk of some cancers, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and diabetes.[4]

The Bottom line:

The best time to eat apples is in the morning on an empty stomach. The later day period might not be suitable for many individuals.

On the other hand, consuming apples right before bedtime is the worst time. Moreover, you should avoid eating apples before and after taking any meal.

Apple can be eaten every day and is healthy due to its nutrient composition and has several health benefits.


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