7 Best Beard Growth Serums in India – (2022)

Are you looking for the best beard serum because you’re unsure where to begin your search? Then, you are in the best place at this time. At first appearance, it appears like the best beard oil will perform miracles for any hirsute male, depending on his facial topiary’s length, style, or smoothness. This includes everyone from your well-groomed local barista to a pal sporting more of a Castaway feel.

Once you get into the habit of using it, you won’t be able to live without a quality beard oil because of its hygienic, health, and conditioning benefits.

Top 7 Beard Growth Serums in India

Your coarse facial hair will become even more pliable, more aromatic, and much easier to style as soon as you begin using beard growth serum.

1. BeardMax 5% Minoxidil Beard Growth Serum

Infused with 5% Minoxidil, this beard serum is an excellent product a man can try. It helps to promote dense growth and allows your skin to refrain from irritation and other issues. In addition, the product can boost the growth of the beard, help to strengthen the hair follicle, shed weak hair strands and fill the patch. It is one of the best beard growth serums on the market. You can buy beard serum online.

2. Ustra Beard Oil

As a men’s grooming brand, Ustara, which comes from the Happily Unmarried brand house, has been growing in popularity recently. The quality and the cost of the Ustra Beard Growth oil are comparable to what the consumer anticipates paying for it. The following are some of the benefits that this carefully produced beard oil from India offers:

Because it contains a potent blend of eight different natural oils, including Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Acai Berry Oil, Olive Oil, Gooseberry Oil, and Watermelon Seed Oil, as well as recently, it can keep your beard in excellent condition by working synergistically with all of these oils.

Growing a beard and maintaining it simultaneously is now possible with the help of a beard growth serum.

3. Captain Thug, 30 Milliliters (Dark Age)

You could wear Dark Age whenever you like because it has a highly sophisticated aroma that is also quite clean and fresh. In addition, it contains the ideal balance of high-quality organic pure oils, enabling your beard to receive the much-required nourishment and care it requires.

Only natural oils and herbs are used in the production of The Dark Age; it contains no chemicals in any form. Patchouli, Texas cedarwood, golden jojoba, and other ingredients are used as ingredients. Additionally, it stops the greying of your beard from occurring too quickly.

It supplies the minerals, vitamins, and proteins essential for maintaining a healthy beard & preventing dandruff in the beard.

4. Beard Guys Protein-Infused Beard Serum

Beard Guyz Beard Serum with Protein is another product on our list that promotes beard growth and is crafted with natural ingredients.

During our review, we discovered that the greatest candidates for using this beard serum are guys who have coarse hair. Because it has soft characteristics, the serum makes the beard feel and look smoother and softer. The longer shelf life of the beard serum is a direct result of its more dense texture. It only takes one drop for your beard to be completely covered. Additionally, it is compact and comes in a container that is only one ounce in size. As quickly as you cover your facial hair, you would begin to notice a nice perfume reminiscent of manliness and the woods.

5. Hajamat Beard Serum, Available for Men

Have you been looking for a beard serum capable of achieving the desired results? If this describes you, then Hajamat Beard Serum might be the one that best meets your needs. This product is designed to nourish & protect your beard and is manufactured with natural components. You can get it here. Not just anyone, but it does have a light fragrance that will leave you smelling wonderful for the entirety of the day. It is because of the one hundred per cent organic argan, hazelnut, avocado, amla, aloe vera, peach, cedar wood, orange oil, and other components that dry skin can be healed while still having its natural oils preserved.

6. Stemodyxin Hair Follicle Activating Serum

It is another beard growth serum that works effectively in the growth and maintenance of the beard. It works by activating hair follicles with the help of stemoxydine, which is known for boosting hair follicles.

7. UrbanGabru Beard Oil – 30 ml

Another product that a lot of people in India like. Beards that are well developed should use beard oil from UrbanGabru since it is great for the general health of the beard. The composition of the oils makes them an excellent choice for promoting beard development, as well as its nourishment and softness. It penetrates each hair follicle to leave the hair silky and easy to manage. The natural oils not only give the beard the much-required right nutrition but also condition it, allowing you to enjoy an itch-free and silky beard throughout the day.

Which Serum is Best for Beard?

Minoxidil-based beard serum is the best serum for the beard.  It promotes beard growth from the roots. This 5% Minoxidil beard growth serum stimulates follicles and eliminates weak hair. It causes telogen (non-growing) hair to fall out and be replaced by anagen (growing) hair. When used consistently, Minoxidil for beards helps cover up patches by improving beard hair growth, density, and thickness.


Be careful not to get duped by beard serum that might not have enough positive reviews or a record that hasn’t been demonstrated. As a result of the presence of chemicals, it has the potential to render your beard ragged and brittle. No other product on the market can compare to the listed beard growth items in terms of the shine and support they give your beard.

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