Top 5 Best Abs Exercises for Steel Hard  Core for Men

For a man getting a steel hard core is as important as getting a flat tummy for women. However, the path to acquiring these two things is completely different. For women, it is advised to limit their calorie intake and indulges in simple and easy exercise. However, when it comes to men getting hardcore steel abs, the study is completely different. You need to show consistency and work hard every day.

There is no shortcut to getting abs. However, when it comes to getting a flat belly, just a few days of starvation will be enough to melt all the fat in your tummy and you will be able to get a flat belly. With abs, you have no shortcut, although there are some quick fixes available in the market that are mainly supplements, steroids, energy boosters, and protein shakes they have side effects as well. For the abs muscles, you need to work out daily and then keep an eye on the food you eat.

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In short, you need to start treating your body like a machine that will work properly and then need a good duel as well. Your aim should be to work at least three to five times a week. However, some people end up overdoing the workout. As a result of this, their muscles become sore because they are not giving their body enough time to heal. Most people when thinking about abs-related exercise, think about heavy machinery and gym memberships. However, for someone who has limited options, it is better to show consistency even if the exercises are not very difficult.

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With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about some of the simple exercises that you can perform at home. Apart from this, we have also listed some of the exercises that you can perform with the help of gym equipment without the supervision or help of a private trainer. Your selection of exercises will help you speed up the process and improve the progress. This is the reason you need to be very careful with the selection of the exercise.

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Top 5 Best Abs Exercises for Steel Hard Core 

For the beginners who are still struggling with the abs exercise, we have listed down some of the best exercises. These exercises include some of the simple exercises that you can perform at home. Apart from this, we have also listed some of the exercises that will require you to join a gym or invest in gym equipment.


Crunches are one of the best exercises that you can perform at home. You do not need any extra equipment and you will be able to see the results as well. Apart from this, there are so many different variations that you will never be able to get bored. You can start with simple crunches which require you to lay down and keep your knees bent at 90 degrees. Then you can start by simply lifting your head all the way that you can see your bent knees. For this, you need to keep your hands under the nape of your neck and interlock your finger for a more secure grip. The variation will include Oblique crunches, bicycle crunches, Vertical Leg Crunch, and Reverse Crunches.

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Plank is another most recommended exercise that will mainly help you focus on your core. You need to start with simply getting into the push-up position and then holding the position. The best thing about this exercise is the fact that you just need to lift your whole body weight on your limbs and this will tighten your core. Keep your breathing steady with the exercise. Plank has so many different variations as well so you can start with a simple plank and then you can switch to other types as well. This will help you make your exercise interesting so you don’t get bored very easily. Some of the best types of plank that you should try to include Side-to-side plank, Plank-walk down, Elbow plank, and Plank jacks.

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Hanging Knee Raise

For the high knee, just try to grab something that will help you hang with the help of your hands. Make sure your feet are above the ground so that your body weight is on your hand. Now try to lift your knee. Make sure your core is tight and you are breathing properly.

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Abs Rollers 

This is one of the best exercises that you can do with the help of a simple abs roller or with which you can use a barbell or even a water bottle. Just start by keeping knee pads and bend your knees like you are going to pray, now go all the way down and hold the abs roller and move forward and backward. You will see that your core is moving and burning.

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Push Up Variation 

Push-up exercises are known to be best for the upper body especially for the shoulders, arms, and hands, however, when it comes to abs most people think it is not very effective. In real life, push-ups are really good for core muscles as well. Some basic push-up variations are just for the core. For the push-up, you need to get into a plank position, keep your core tight and your weight on the forearms. Now try to touch the ground and then come back up in the initial positions. There are so many different variations of the push-up including, Wide Push-Up, One-Arm Push-Up, clap push-up, Feet Elevated Push-Up, and Diamond Push-Up. For abs, you can also keep a softball under your feet and then try to lift your body and this will help you work on your core.

Top 5 Best Abs Exercises for Steel Hard  Core for Men

The Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you need to keep three things in mind. Your overall progress will not just depend on your exercise or planning of workout, it will also depend on your diet, your exercise plan, and your lifestyle change. If you keep eating the same junk food but only add a workout to your daily routine, you will see the change but it will be slow and not long-term. Similarly, if you change the food you eat but do not engage in simple daily tasks, your exercise will not be functional. For most people engaging in daily activity is enough, which means taking their dog out for a walk or taking stairs instead of using a lift is enough for them to get ripped. However, for most people, a detailed gym session is important due to the difference in metabolism.

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