Regenerative Medicine: Non-Surgical Method for Pain Management Best Option For You

Whether it is knee pain or a sports injury, nobody likes dealing with the pain of any type; however, dealing with any kind of pain for a long time starts frustrating people, and they end up getting surgeries to cure them. However, they do not understand that getting surgeries for pain management does more harm than good to their body. 

Pain Management regenerative medicine

Currently, many nonsurgical methods for pain management, such as regenerative medicine, can help overcome pain discomfort. These treatments include drugs and regenerative therapies that help overcome pain and create new tissues to restore functionality. Taking these points into consideration to understand the benefits of regenerative medicine for pain management:

Economic and Effective

Many people prefer to visit the QC Kinetix (Boise) for regenerative medicine as it is economical and comes with various benefits. For example, in the case of an injury, the body heals itself naturally; however, in the case of surgery, doctors perform surgeries on the body to fix the damage. 

However, scars from surgery can be painful, leading to motion restrictions. In contrast, regenerative medicine uses stem cells extracted from the body, which grow into the tissue needed for repair or replacement.

No Side Effects 

Regenerative medicine is derived from the body itself. This means that the drug has no side effects on the body and remains safe for use. However, many pain medications have side effects that can adversely affect health. 

It is better to opt for regenerative medicine than pain medications, as there are no side effects associated with this treatment. In addition, unlike pain medication, which can have side effects on your health as they may affect the liver, kidney, or heart, regenerative medicine is safe if you have no problems with the immune system. 

Better Results That Last Longer

Regenerative medicine is the best of both worlds, as it provides pain management and cures injuries. When you undergo surgery to manage pain, the doctor inserts things into your body that does not last long. 

For example, if doctors insert implants or prosthetics in their body parts to fix them, they do not last long, and they need to undergo more surgeries. In contrast, regenerative medicine repairs cells and tissues without damaging the body and lasts for a longer time.

Stem Cells Are Extracted From Your Body

Stem cells can be extracted from the body to help grow new tissues and fix injured or damaged body parts. When stem cells are removed from someone else’s body, the immune system may reject them, leading to side effects on the patient’s body. However, when stem cells are derived from the body, the immune system does not reject them, and there are no side effects. 

Regenerative medicine has no side effects compared with surgery, which may cause infection, scarring, or bleeding of the body tissue. However, regenerative therapies are safe and effective for treating injuries without adverse effects on the body

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